Nutrition Month Celebration 2016

August 10, 2016 clcstAdmin

July is celebrated nationwide on the barangay, municipal, city, provincial, and local levels as Nutrition Month in the Philippines to encourage everyone to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Section 7 of Presidential Decree 411 designates July as Nutrition Month to create greater awareness among the Filipinos on the importance of nutrition, focusing attention on making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. The importance of celebrating this event is to raise each person’s awareness of the food value of what they eat. Good nutrition is important for everyone.


July is dubbed as nutrition month where people celebrate and show their appreciation for proper nutrition. On the 28th of July, the CTTHM Department of Celtech College had provided a boodle fight and other fun games in which Celtech College has never had before. The goal of the CTTHM Dep. is for people to celebrate nutrition day in high hopes for them to leave on a full, healthy stomach and enjoy the games that the CTTHM Department had provided.

For preparation, we (the CTTHM Department) started a few days before the event, July 26, 2016 on a Tuesday. We prepared some of the decorations for the event which is to be held at the lobby at Celtech College. We also came up with a few games such as Minute 2 Win It, “Nutritious” Beer Pong, and Eating Relay. Not only did we come up with nice logos for each game, but we had also provided small flyers and a huge banner presenting “boodle fight for all.” We also created tickets for the boodle fight which is 80php per ticket. We sold most of the tickets and 56 of them were sold by the students and faculty members.

The next day of preparation, July 27th, is the continuation of making the decorations and more planning and organizing of the event. Stuffed to be used for the games were bought such as balloons and many more. We set up all the decorations in the lobby and prepared all the food that were going to be used for the boodle fight. Afterwards, we thought of creating a dance presentation or “Flash mob” for the event. We practiced a couple times until evening while the others spent the rest of the evening preparing the food/vegetables. Some students went home between the hours of 7pm-11pm.

The 28th of July is the date of the event. We started preparing at 6 in the morning and the event started at noon. For that, we had plenty of time to do grocery, cook, organize and set up the event. Once the foods were cooked and ready, we set up everything at the lobby including the tables, decorations and the huge banner. The boodle fight contained pineapples, rice, adobo, fried fish, grilled pork, blanched vegetables, ensalada, and dips for the variety of viands. The CTTHM Department also provided a street food table that sold fries, kikiam, gulaman, fishball, carrot cake, and cucumber

The boodle fight started at exactly 12pm. The prayer was led by Josephine Sangcap (second year Tourism student) before the students and faculty entered and handed in their tickets. Once the boodle fight had started, we performed our dance presentation. Sir Valentin Quiocho (ojt coordinator) showed a little bit of his dance moves as well which highlighted the dance presentation. Overall it went rather well.

The boodle fight lasted for about 20 minutes. Once everyone was finished, the CTTHM Dep. had the chance to take over and join the boodle fight. Afterwards, we cleaned up the whole area in the lobby and took an hour break before we set up the games. After an hour of resting, the CTTHM students started to set up all the things needed on their booths.

Once we set up the booths, the students from other department join the games prepared by the CTTHM students and the booth they mostly enjoyed was the nutritious pong, though they don’t like the taste of the drinks for punishment but still they have fun, even instructors joined the said game like sir Abaya, sir Valentin, sir De Leon, and sir JB.

The day after the event, we had a short celebration with the whole CTTHM Department to celebrate and give thanks for the success of the event.  Preparing the event was tiresome, but other than that all of our hard work was paid off.